Awaken your senses...

Dark soil wrapped in white sheets, bricks suspendedĀ in the air by delicate sheer ribbon, and red-feathered pillow fight in a white room. I expose the buried memories that everyday objects hold. I invite you to feel the materials: stick your hands into the water, walk barefoot on pillows, feel the slight roll of freshly-cut sugar cane underneath your feet smell the feathers, the soil, the cane, and hear the sound of a beating heart or water lapping. In the transformation of these spaces, I create experiences. I have a passion for the grandiose, the dramatic, and the theatrical. I expose viewers to rituals, collective memories, and metaphors. But like memories, these experiences will not last. Installations are ephemeral after they are de-installed all that remains are memories, documentation, and artifacts. From bricks to pillows.

"I Create Unforgettable Experiences".


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