Lord, hear our prayer, 2006
33”w x 71”h x 11”d
Materials: embedded objects in paraffin wax, prayer-wrapped rosaries, gold communion plate 4 sets of hands: man, woman, boy, girl.
Torn between her Catholic upbringing and her own self intuitive form of prayer, the artist explores the meaning of prayer and one’s form of prayer. Each pair of hands were casted in paraffin wax and filled with items that represent each person’s identity. The rosaries that hang from each set of hands and sitting on the communion plate below, are created out of the individual prayers provided by others. The artist requested many individuals to privately write down their own personal prayers onto a piece of paper. After collecting these prayers over a period of time, she used them to form them into rosary beads. One can see segments of these writings but are forced to imagine what the rest of these notes are comprised of. This act forces the viewer to contemplate of their own notion of prayer and what that looks like.

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