Rolling in Filth, 2011
Interactive Installation
10,000 on a queen size bed
Viewers were invited to jump into bed with others (strangers or companions) and play in the currency. The result was a ephemeral moment of glee for each participant, leaving observers thinking - what creates this reaction in our society? One can say it’s a feeling very similar to when first buying a new car. When the “new” quickly subsides, the sense of happiness and fulfillment quickly goes along with it. The act of seeking happiness through things of monetary value, always leave one feeling empty inside. The inspiration came from the artist being sick of hearing others wishing to be rolling in wealth, because to her, the majority of time they only end up rolling in filth. The uglier the action one takes to wealth, the dirtier they become, resulting a loss of all sense of real value and the true meaning of wealth.

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