Severance, 2006
Installation, paraffin wax casted male and female feet, embedded personal objects, 350 lbs of river rocks 8 ft x 5 ft x 2ft h
Inspired by the act of cutting ties with a loved one, the installation contains two sets of feet that are seen walking away from each other. Each pair is casted in paraffin wax and filled with items that represent each person’s identity. The severed rope emulates the bond that the unified pair once held. This torn bond echoes a sense of sadness. The act of moving-on and going separate ways, after being bonded by love, history, and time for so long - emphasizes this sense of sorrow.
The feet sit on a bed of rivestones. Known as the “bones of Mother Earth,” riverstone is one of the oldest continually-used crystals for strength and energy. Culled from rivers and other moving bodies of water all over the world, riverstone embodies the fluidity, vitality, and movement of ever-evolving water. Applied to this installation, the stones embody the continual growth in oneself after a sense of loss and renewal.

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