All that glitters is not gold, 2012
Art Performance, The Paper Box, NY - Art For Progress "Mixed Greens" Show
"Gold symbolizes what is purest, most excellent, most noble, most enduring, most sought after, most ideal and most valued in terms of human aspirations, human behavior and human relationships." The art performance All that glitters is not gold is an exploration of the defining goals of alchemy, the historical and symbolic significance of gold, its use in language, and the way in which it transforms items of little value into those of great value. The artist does this by transmuting the state of everyday objects into those of significant worth, as referenced in metaphors such as the golden rule, the gold standard, the golden era, and the golden hour. The transformation is followed by her own self objectification, leaving the audience with the question if people would be more valuable if dipped in gold. In the end, everything she touches, turns to gold.

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