Our Lady of Apparitions, 2012
Art Performance, 8th annual Art in Odd Places festival, NYC
The performance explores the belief in the unbelievable through anomalous, quasi-perceptual experience of apparitions. Inspired by a trip to Medjugorje, Yugoslavia in the 1990s where the artist's mother took the family on a pilgrimage to see an apparition, as a child at the time, she wondered, what did that mean? What did it provide for them? How does it honor their faith?
Still fascinated by this concept, the artist explored the action of creating an apparition to challenge her own and other's beliefs and notion of what an apparition really signifies to people. She questioned what it would say about her own identity, being named herself after 4 different catholic saints. The artist's full name is “Caridad Maria de las Mercedes Barbara Montano Sola Quintana Polo.”

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