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Article Date: June 13th, 2013

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New York City 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, Art for Progress (AFP) will bring its support and celebration of equality during NYC’s Gay Pride Weekend, with “Artists 4 Equality” June 28th through 30th, 4-11 pm. The organization’s second annual music and arts festival will take place at Solar One Park, located in Manhattan on the East River at 23rd Street. Featuring live bands, DJs, performances, and installation art, along with great food, beer, and wine, it will be a top destination during NYC’s Pride Weekend.

Solar One Park is the perfect outdoor summer venue for the festival which will kick off on Friday evening June 28th. The opening night will feature live music performances from some of the most exciting emerging artists in NYC including the super talented Ellis Ashbrook, while Saturday’s focus will shift to DJ and electronic music culture with DJ/Producer Hector Romero headlining the evening. On Sunday, NYC Cielo resident DJ/Producer Tedd Patterson will headline the night as both live music and DJs share the stage. Cutting-edge performance and installation art will be featured all three days as we turn the park into a virtual adult playground of art & music.

Confirmed Artists: Hector Romero, Tedd Patterson, Ellis Ashbrook, Michael Alan, Kim Holleman, Idgy Dean, Andy Slate, Roxy Cottontail, Kevin Graves, Daniel Maldonado, Gatto, Lachi, Cat Del Buono, Tunacola, Berette Macaulay, Bass Control, Comandante Zero, Sindy Butz, Bonesugar, Caridad Sola, Atilla the Hun, Sal Leone, CocoonNYC, Barry Komitor, Chaisley Lussier, DJ Jago, and many more TBA.

*The festival doors will open at 4 pm each day and close at 11 pm. Limited tickets will be $10 in advance and $25 for all three days. Special early bird tickets will go on sale June 5th through June 15th for $8 (daily pass) and $20 (three-day pass).

Delicious foods by Herb n’ Peach.

*Two for one beer from 4pm – 6pm daily and a selection of fine wines.

Solar One Park, East 23rd Street & East River

Special Thanks: Sleepys, Six Point Brewery, Swish, Herb n’ Peach, Hector Romero, Tedd Patterson, Solar One


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