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AFP - “Brooklyn Beat” Feature: Performance Art

This weekend the “Brooklyn Beat Music and Arts Festival” will feature some really awesome performance art curated by Caridad Sola of NYC.

With artist Meghann Snow performing Friday night, you might catch her making out on stage, or out in the art garden with a playful, interactive piece where the audience can get involved!

Saturday will bring both magic and dance elements to performance art, with world-class magician Thomas Solomon performing on stage, where you will experience the illusion of the impossible in a performance not to be forgotten.

Out in the art garden, Caridad Sola’s performance, “Deliver Us from Eve-il” is one you will not want to miss. Involving apples and razor blades, she brings an edge to the festival that will leave the audience speechless.

Performance artist Sherry Aliberti will merge dance with art along with 4 dancers in “The Green Cocoon,” a very special, thought-provoking piece. The cocoon comes to life in a spellbinding performance.

Sunday, our all-ages day, will bring life to the art garden, with water guns, balloons and paint. Artist Ryan Hawk will perform “Inside/Out” where he speaks to our identity, voids and holes.

Then a creative, interactive piece by Caridad Sola will leave the audience thinking, and possibly a little wet, with a water-gun installation where the power of creating and destroying is transferred from the artist to the audience.

On the stage, artist Sindy Butz will bring a transforming performance to the audience. Then Thomas Solomon will be back at the festival, where we’ll witness more astonishing magic!

About the artists:  We are happy to have such talented artists performing with us this weekend.

Curator and performer Caridad Sola is a Cuban-American multi-media artist and licensed architect. She has performed in a variety of cities, most recently at the Fountain Art Fair in New York City.

Artist Meghann Snow of NYC has performed internationally from Paris to Stockholm and New York, where she incorporates her experience as a classically trained ballet dancer and figure skater into her visual and performance art.

Sherry Aliberti brings Cocoons to life with her mesmerizing performances. With experience in yoga and architecture, she morphs the two worlds into a single space where dance and life come forth. Thomas Solomon is an award-winning magician and escape artist, who has performed internationally, including the White House. His work has been featured on BBC and the History Channel.

Ryan Hawk of Boston is emerging as a compelling performance artist. With a residency at the New York Studio Artist Program this year, Ryan has recently performed at the Fountain Art Fair in NYC, and is currently pursuing his BFA at Tufts University. Artist Sindy Butz of Berlin resides in NYC, and has served as an international scholar at ITP Tisch/NYU. She brings sculpture and installation art together in her performances

With such a variety of great performances, come out to celebrate with us at “Brooklyn Beat!”


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