Art for Progress is providing arts education to underfunded schools serving at-risk youth in New York City. Numerous studies have shown that arts education can improve children’s mental health and lower high school dropout rates resulting in better educational outcomes in the future. By partnering with underfunded schools to provide art teachers, create arts education programming, and secure the necessary operating funds, we are giving at-risk youth the opportunity to benefit from the advantages of having an arts education and, in turn, helping to create more equitable mental health and educational outcomes for underserved youth.

AFP - “Mixed Greens” returns to The Paper Box, Saturday, August 25th

Mixed Greens return this month with a new date, but you can expect the same fresh, diverse music, brilliant performance art, and thought-provoking video installations you’ve come to expect at AFP events.  Plus,  The Paper Box is in the coolest neighborhood in Brooklyn and the tacos can’t be beaten!

What more can you ask for on a Saturday night?

Our original opening band for the evening, The Disappointment has another commitment, but El Pueblo has been added to the ticket.  They’re a fantastic reggae, dub band (Latin and jazz influences) who are known for their powerful performances.  We are sure El Pueblo will get the night started properly.

Not walking the line between na trapeze, epic-symphonic, and electropunk, the music duo Muj is a mish-mash of musical styles.  In their performances, they are known for playful improvisations and unexpected intense instrumentations. Muj segues seamlessly from ferocious, soaring guitar jams to moving melodic departures. They are now working on a feature-length documentary including an original soundtrack.

When The Coffin Daggers take the stage, get ready for an all-out assault on your senses. A staple on the New York live music scene,  The Coffin Daggers forge a new sound that will both overwhelm and delight the senses. The NY-based surf-punk, instrumental rock band has released a full-length album and two singles to critical acclaim.

The super-talented, creative, architect, and performance artist Caridad Sola has rightfully become the resident performance artist for Mixed Greens, and with each stunning performance, Caridad explores a broad range of social and cultural subject matter. During her last performance, a young man (photo below) was so enthralled by her performance that he decided he wanted to be a part of it.  As he began to crawl toward the large tub of gold liquid, he slowly removed his clothing.


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