Opened in 2006, Grace Exhibition Space is devoted exclusively to Performance Art. We offer an opportunity to experience visceral and challenging works by the current generation of international performance artists whether emerging, mid-career or established. Our events are presented on the floor, not on a stage, dissolving the boundary between artist and viewer. This is how performance art is meant to be experienced and our mission is the glorification of performance art.

Grace Exhibition Space presents over 30 curated live performance art exhibitions each year, showcasing new work by more than 400 performance artists from across the United States and the world since 2006.

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Evaluating The Current Lecture Series

Article Date: March 5th, 2011

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Meet the Artists + Discussions in Performance Art

Discussions with the GES artist participating at the Fountain Art Fair
Marni Kotak, Shalom Neuman, Quinn Dukes McDivitt, Sarah Trouche, Katya Grokhovsky, Keira Brew Kurec, Athena, Rebecca Jampol, Ryan Hawk, Meghann Snow, and Caridad Sola

Mon, March 5, 2012 
7-9 pm

Marni Kotak*, Shalom Neuman, Quinn Dukes McDivitt, Sarah trouche and Katya Grokhovsky

*Marni Kotak is represented by Microscope Gallery


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