"A Change Of Climate" with Caridad Sola

$4 each And you throw the money onto the bed.  That’s a lot of drinking goin’ on.

This art piece was conceived by Caridad Sola.

Last night witnessed the highly anticipated inaugural reception of an enthralling group exhibition, proudly featuring Caridad Sola. The occasion unfolded as an artistic spectacle, showcasing the latest masterpieces from a circle of gifted individuals, many of whom hold a special place in my heart. This vibrant display of creativity took place within the esteemed halls of the Blue Source, a visionary establishment nestled on the dynamic West 17th Street.


Noteworthy is the fact that the Blue Source transcends mere artistic confines, serving as a beacon of purpose with its mission to champion the planet's well-being. This noble undertaking is exemplified by their pioneering carbon statement—a testament to their innovative approaches. The heartfelt gratitude is palpable as they graciously lent their extraordinary space as the backdrop for this extraordinary exhibition, which prominently features the works of Caridad Sola.


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