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Village Voice - The Building Show

Article Date: March 8th, 2007

Article Source: Unknown. 

The Building Show by R.C. Baker

Featuring more than two dozen artists including Caridad Sola, this exhibition channels the public's love-hate affair with architectural design. Heidi Neilson's sun-dial drawings document the long shadow the Citibank tower casts over Long Island City, both literally and metaphorically, as more artists are forced out of yet another rapidly gentrifying area. Emily Katrencik's curtain of lollipops (made with flakes of "food-grade marble similar to the calcium used in vitamin supplements"-who knew?) is an homage to 2 Columbus Circle, known derisively as the "Lollipop Building." Tim Spelios constructed his Leaning Tower of Bass Drums as a tribute to what he terms "the well-deserved screw you to gravity" manifested by the leaning tower of Pisa. Seth Weiner's life-size reconstruction of Ted Kaczynski's tiny, rough-hewn cabin sits atop powerful speakers, causing the Unabomber's abode to shake from a synthesized recording of the words of another famous American hermit, Henry David Thoreau.

Exit Art, 475 Tenth Avenue, 212-966-7745. Through March 31.


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